Because being quiet is boring,
and photography should never be boring.

Who Is That Loud Redhead

I'm a sports mom (starting with hockey, but now football, lacrosse, and baseball as well) who loves to take action shots. I started with a DSLR in 2011 and have taken (literally) tens of thousands of pictures since then. I am also a graphics designer in "real life," and that experience has allowed me to create some fun images with my action shots.

Yes, I'm pretty much just another mom with a camera. Only, with red hair. ;)


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Why That Loud Redhead

Why do I call myself That Loud Redhead? I know it's not exactly your typical "photography business" name. But I'm not your typical photographer--I'm a hockey mom! (And a football mom, a lacrosse mom, a baseball mom...) Before I started taking pictures "on the glass" at the hockey games, you could find me in the stands, cheering loudling not only for my kids, but for every member of the team. I knew them all by name and number. One day, one of my hockey mom friends laughingly said to me, "My mother in law saw you coming into the rink and she said, 'Oh, there's that loud redhead.'" I might have been insulted had it not been a perfect description of me. ;)

I bought a DSLR when my odest was a Mite (9 years old), and I quieted down quite a bit after that. (Photography is all about focus, you know.) That former Mite is in high school now, and my youngest is coming up close behind. Although I'm not as loud as I used to be, I'm still enthusiastic about taking great action pictures and sometimes, when I'm really excited, you might still hear me down on the glass. Especially if my kid scores.

Thanks for stopping by!

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